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 The Uninteresting Life of a girl named Lou.

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>.< Nachos anyone?
Ooooh! With extra cheese!!
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I want habeneros and mystery meat!
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Mmmm...salsa and queso!
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Can I have chocolate icecream instead?
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PostThe Uninteresting Life of a girl named Lou.

So as you can see my name preffered name is Lou, but it actually however is a nickname, some if not most of you know the real thing, but I hate it...so lou it is!

>.< Anyway, it seems I am the first to do me own blog on here, and no one else is really on, so its all lonely and stuffs. Okay, here gos:

--Lou was born in a small town, and up until middle school had very few friends, and somehow for her way into a strange troupe of misfits that would one day create a forum, which she is now writing her blog on.--

Today my sister and I spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing.....NOTHING! -.- She's eight months pregnant, so yeah we moved kinda slow for anything, but seriously all i did was steal wifi, and play emu's all day. Oh and signed up for this awsome forum! Read a couple volumes of Gantz today, think some of the guys will like it, lots of scantily clad girls, so if you wanna check it out:
Gantz Vol. 1:An Incident

Doodeedoodeedoo....HARKEN!! THE ANGELS COME FORTH!!! Head for the nether regions! ..Wait...no...eeeewwww...
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The Uninteresting Life of a girl named Lou. :: Comments

Good morning starshine!
Post on Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:36 am by otaku_lou
Yawn. Just woke up! >.< Yeah, so today we are agoin to help Yen-chun(Jo)
unpack in her new house, and then were agoin to Millen to visit parents, and what-not.Woot!
>.< Thuuuuursday
Post on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:51 am by otaku_lou
-.- It's 12:30-something and I cant sleep...got another doc appt. tomorro, but
all is okay, because friday, I gets my car! Yay!

Ahem, on anime and manga related news: Read Blood The Last Vampire today,
in my opinion it was okay, but a little wishy washy for a manga classified
in the genre of "Horror." I'll let you decide on your own if it's worth
reading or not though: Blood The Last Vampire Vol.1
-.- Again?!?! Screw this $h!+
Post on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:23 pm by otaku_lou
So I gotta go back into the hospital today, but
maybe they wont keep me this time! I dunno, but
anyways if I cant get on for a while you know why!

The Uninteresting Life of a girl named Lou.

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