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 Random Poem - Dance

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PostSubject: Random Poem - Dance   Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:03 pm

Hmm....This may seem slightly depressing, but I was such when I wrote it. Anyways, I just like peoples opinons so heres the poem.


Listen close as I dance with this fate.

My heart still tries to beat,
I still try to live.
But every hollow minute
My insanity finds control.
It spreads like cancer,
It eats me away.
So much Rage I could scream,
So much sorrow I could die.

The blades seem so tempting,
My blood yearns to flow.
I wanna see it rain.
And in it I'll dance.

Tired of being weak,
Tired of feeling this hole.
I'd die for love,
I'd kill for peace.

Watch me close as I dance with this fate.

A little less human,
A little more insane.
I can smell the fires of hell.
I can feel the pain in my chest.

The blood's like acid,
While my heart erodes away.
It still tries to beat,
But nothing can save it.

There'll be no blood,
There'll be this life.
Hellish and hollow,
Full of strife.

It beats faster,
When one of them is near,
Killing me quicker,
Killing me slower.
My heart's all but gone.

It's a mangled nasty mess,
It's a twisted lump of flesh.

Watch me Dance with this fate.

So much rage I could scream,
So many tears I could die.
But it still tries to beat.

Listen close as I dance with this fate.

It burns ever more,
Beating faster near the end.
But it never stops.

My heart still pumps,
The blood in my veins.
The blades seem appealing,
I want red rain.
In the bloody shower,
You'll see me dance with this fate.
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Random Poem - Dance
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